WrestleMania-themed Flash events are coming next week

WrestleMania season is firmly in swing (April 3rd, ya’ll!), and whether you’re a part of the Ambrose Asylum, Roman Empire, the Cenation, or a law-abiding resident of Suplex City, this is an awesome time to jump into WWE SuperCard.

Starting next week, we’ll be celebrating WrestleMania in style with three FLASH events featuring WrestleMania favorites as well as some of the Superstars and Divas appearing at WrestleMania 32

What’s a FLASH event? They’re special, higher tempo events that offer rewards for competitors. You join them just like a regular event — when they pop up, just jump in and start battling other players.

The first flash event kicks off on 3/21 with a special 48-hour Ring Domination and a brand new John Cena event card. We will follow that up with a RTG flash event on 3/24 featuring another chance to get that Cena card (Pro opportunity alert!). We’ll cap it off with a huge PCC that pits Triple H vs. Roman Reigns on 3/27. And, yeah, you’ll have a chance to Pro the rewards from the Flash PCC, too, by placing high enough.

If you want to catch what the cards look like, peep us on social media before the events go live in the app.

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