Ring Domination Update, Friends List & Profiles, Chat and more

2K today announced a new Ring Domination Update for WWE SuperCard, the larger-than-life, action-packed and free-to-play collectible card game. Available beginning July 2, 2015, the free update includes a variety of new features to enhance the WWE SuperCard experience, including a new event, new chat capabilities, access to friend lists and more!

WWE SuperCard – Ring Domination Update:

  • Ring Domination: A new event cycling between People’s Champion Challenge and Road to Glory, Ring Domination is a battle for control of nine squares on a board in order to collect game pieces for card rewards;
  • WrestleMania Tier Fusion Cards: Players can now create up to 11 powerful fusion cards within the game’s WrestleMania tier;
  • King of the Ring Chat: Enables players to chat with their competitors during King of the Ring;
  • Friends List: Players can now access lists of Platform and Facebook friends who are also playing WWE SuperCard;
  • User Profiles: Players can view profiles on their Platform and Facebook friends lists to see player stats, including wins, losses, card totals and top ten cards;
  • Bulletin Board: Players can use the new Bulletin Board system to review past bulletins.

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