WWE SuperCard Adds Fusion Chamber and New Card Packs

2K today announced new content for WWE® SuperCard, the action-packed WWE collectible card game for mobile devices. In an update available now for free download, WWE SuperCard adds the Fusion Chamber, a card-creating mechanism capable of generating 48 new Fusion cards that are stronger than any released to date. In addition, the update offers new card packs, giving players new options for purchase as they add to their array of collectible cards.

Key features in the latest WWE SuperCard update:

  • Fusion Chamber: Players create Fusion cards by inserting several lower-ranking cards, as directed by a recipe, into the Fusion Chamber to unlock one new Fusion card. For example, players insert three Common cards into the Chamber to produce one more powerful Common Fusion card. Recipes for Fusion cards will vary by rarity level;
  • 48 New Cards: With the Fusion Chamber, players can unlock six new cards at each of the eight rarity levels, from Common to Survivor;
  • New Card Packs: Ultra Rare, Epic and Legendary WWE Divas.

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