Season 2 Continuing Through Fall, First Season 3 Details

Seasons are opportunities for us to push WWE SuperCard forward. In Season 2, we’ve focused on creating strategic diversity. For the first time ever, we introduced the ability for you to personalize your cards by leveling up stats through match-ups and Tokens. We also wanted to make the game more social. We added features that let you join teams, send poop emojis to your friends, and actually play in events with your squad to earn cards. We’d like to think these features added new dimensions to the game. We know the poop emojis certainly did — trash talking has never been the same.

We usually release the next Season around this time of year, so we’re doing the whole “get out in front of it” thing letting you know that Season 3 isn’t right around the corner. S2 and its improvements are rolling strong — and S2 will continue through fall.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to drop some #facts about the direction we’re going with in Season 3, and say that we listened to your feedback about the S2 transition. We think you’ll dig what we have planned for S3 and this year’s transition (spoiler alert: S2 + S3 cards will be playable together).

A New Way To Battle

In S3, our guiding philosophies will be centered around inclusion and the competitive spirit that keeps driving everyone to get the latest debut card or the Next Best Thing off the draft board. We want to make the game feel more live while also giving you the ability to use all of your cards, including those you earned during Season 1 of the game. To that end, we’ll be introducing two new battlegrounds: Ranked and Wild.

Ranked is being designed to test not only your collecting power, but also your battling knowhow. It’s the mode that’ll allow you to prove that you’re the best in the world. Ranked will be playable with active cards, meaning you’ll be able to use both S2 and S3 cards in battle. This goes for other modes in S3 as well — KOTR, MITB, PCC, RD, and RTG will all be playable with S2 and S3 cards together. And since tiers in S3 will stack on S2’s foundations, your awesome cards will stay awesome.


Wild, on the other hand, will be your destination for No DQ matches. All cards will be available in Wild. This’ll be the first time S1 cards will be playable with S2 cards (and S3 cards for that matter). We’re thinking that we can make this mode pretty unique and hilariously rule-bending over time.

Something important to note about S1 cards is that, starting at the beginning of S3, S1 cards will no longer drop from S1’s Draft Board. This means that now’s a fantastic opportunity for you to collect that card that you’ve always wanted. If you have any problems or issues, hit up Feedback within the app and they’ll be able to help you out.

So, What’s Next?

You might be wondering what all this means about S2 since, you know, it’s still a thing that’s happening. The answer is that we’ve got some great content on deck that we’ll release during S2. Specifically, we’ve got a brand new tier that we want to introduce shortly. It celebrates … summer.

And, today, we’re going to do two things: (a) introduce brand new ladder rewards and, (b) raise the card cap by 10%. The former should help you get great content while the latter will help you hold all that new content.

We’re looking forward to introducing more SuperCard goodies in S2 and S3. We’ll talk more about S3 as it gets closer to release (read: we’ll do some slick reveals down the road).

What do you think? Discuss!