WWE SuperCard: Types of Cards, Rarity Tiers & Stats

Season 3 New Tiers

In WWE SuperCard there are several Types of Cards, each of them identified by a Rarity Tier. The higher a card’s rarity tier is, the higher their statistic threshold and signature boosts will be.

Types of Cards: Superstars & Divas

  • Superstar & Diva Cards are the main asset in WWE SuperCard. They consist of a variety of wrestlers, both current and legendary. Not all characters appear in all rarity tiers: some wrestlers may appear in Common slots, while others may only appear in higher card tiers.
  • Every Superstar Card has four different statistics: Power (POW), Toughness (TGH), Speed (SPD), and Charisma (CHA). These numbers are based upon their real-life counterparts, so someone like Rey Mysterio would have a much higher Speed compared to Big Show.
  • Statistics can be improved by training cards, and cards of the same Superstar and of the same Rarity Tier can be combined to form a more powerful Pro Card.
  • You can also set one of your cards as your Champion Card which represents your profile when people play against you.

Types of Cards: Special Edition Superstar Cards

  1. Event Exclusive Cards: Special, more powerful cards, only available as rewards for partecipating and winning in Road To Glory, People’s Champion Challenge and Ring Domination in-game events. These cards are only featured in the highest Rarity tier available at the moment of release.
  2. Throwback Cards: Cards featuring legendary characters that can only be acquired by purchasing the in-game Throwback Packs.
  3. Fusion Cards: Special Superstar Cards created by combining certain cards according to a ‘recipe’ that is defined in the “Fusion Chamber”. They are are amongst the highest rated cards in each tier.  [Read: Fusion Chamber Guide (Season 1); Fusion Chamber 2 Guide]
  4. Loyalty Cards (Season 2 only): These are cards imported and converted from the Season 1 of the game to Season 2 cards through the Loyalty Fusion Chamber.
  5. SuperToken Cards (Season 2 only): The SuperToken Cards are only obtainable through physical Gamestop tokens or by purchasing the in-game Collectors Series Packs. 

Cards Rarity Tiers

  1. Common: Grey cards
  2. Uncommon: Green cards
  3. Rare: Blue cards
  4. Super Rare: Dark Blue cards
  5. Ultra Rare: Purple cards
  6. Epic: Orange cards
  7. Legendary: Yellow cards
  8. Survivor: Red cards
  9. WrestleMania: Black cards (in Season 1); Dark Blue cards (in Season 2)
  10. SummerSlam: Summer themed cards

WWE SuperCard Season 3 includes three additional card tiers, themed with the look and feel of WWE’s three brands (Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT)

  1. Hardened: Featuring promising Superstars from WWE and NXT
  2. Elite: Featuring WWE’s veteran Superstars and WWE Legends
  3. Ultimate: Featuring the current “best of the best” from the WWE Universe

Types of Cards: Support & Boosts

  1. Support Cards: Support cards consist in managers, weapons, objects, taunts, or other WWE-related items, and can affect you or your opponent’s stats during the match type they are used in. These are also available in multiple Rarity Tiers. [Read: more details on Support Cards]
  2. Enhancement Cards: You can equip up to five, temporary, multi-charge statistics enhancements on Season 2 cards, one for each ratings slot and one for a card’s special ability.
  3. Boost Cards (Season 1 only): Boost cards give you 15% boosts for a specific stat going into your next King Of The Ring match. [Read: King of the Ring Guide]
  4. Energy Card:  Energy cards will replenish the entire stamina bar of the chosen Superstar or Diva during a King of The Ring Tournament. [Read: King of the Ring Guide]
  5. Title Match: Cards that double the possible points won for the next match in People’s Champion Challenge and Road To Glory modes
  6. Pick Doubler: Cards that double the amount of picks won for the next match in the Ring Domination mode.

References: The SmackDown Hotel

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