Best Way to Train Cards: Max Stats & Perfect Pro Guide

This guide is for anyone who’s taken 2 fresh versions of a card, and combined them to create a Pro, only to head into a match against someone with a Pro of their own who hasn’t levelled theirs as high, but is somehow way more powerful. Were you left scratching your head? Well, they did things properly and created a Perfect Pro, dummy, and so can you.

One interesting factor about WWE Supercard is being able to combine cards to create Pro versions. It’s interesting in the sense that it’s never inherently explained how to do this properly, so a lot of new people to the game, and perhaps even people who just don’t quite learn, end up with ranges of differently-able cards of the same type.

Cards Training

Every Superstar or Diva card can be trained by discarding your unwanted cards of any rarity tier to be converted into XP to help level up the Superstar or Diva card of your choice. The card levels can be seen in the lower left corner of each card, represented by a vertical bar. The bar indicates your current level (top number) as well as the card’s max level (bottom number), and a visual representation of the current amount of XP in that level. A card’s max level can increase depending on rarity and Pro level.

Gaining levels will increase the card’s base stats making it more and more powerful, which will also increase your rank level. You cannot use cards to train other cards if they’re currently “In Use” in any of the modes. If a card is listed as In Use, you may need to remove it from your decks before it will allow you to train with it. See the FAQs for more details.

Cards Combining: Pro Cards

If you own any two of the exact same cards (name and rarity), you can combine them into a more powerful card which will then become a Pro version of that card. Cards of any rarity level can be combined, and both of the combined cards are lost and replaced by the Pro version.

Max both of your Cards first!

The ultimate aim of creating a Pro version of a card, is to make it as strong as it can possibly be, and you can only achieve this by first fully improving the two cards which you intend to combine. And with the new Season 2 features, training the cards to the max level is not the only requirement anymore. Here are all the requirements to fully improve both cards in order to make the ultimate Perfect Pro:

  1. Training: Train both cards to their max card level.
  2. Tokens: As you train your cards, every 5 card levels you’ll receive tokens that can then be used to level up any ratings slot. Make sure you spend all of them (up to you on which statistic/s you want to use them).
  3. Play Levels: Additionally, by simply playing through match-up with your cards, they will automatically level up their statistics with a feature called “Play Levels” (which can be seen on the left side of  each statistic in the “Improve” screen). The number of matches required for each stat needs to be completed as well.

Note: On the other hand, Enhancements are only temporary boosts and do not have a permanent impact on your cards statistics when combining them.

Combine the Cards into the Perfect Pro

Once these two fully-trained cards are combined it creates a Perfect Pro. It’s perfect, because there’s no possible way you could have improved it – the stats that went in had hit the ceiling. This is your goal. Pro cards that have been maxed out will have a golden star (while Pro cards that haven’t been maxed out before combining will have a silver star).

Now, you will have then to train and level up the resulting Perfect Pro Card as well, to get the max potential and make it as strong as possible.

Once you have a maxed Perfect Pro, you’ll find it being even better than a card one tier above. So your Perfect Pro Rare could beat a Super Rare, your Perfect Pro Super Rare could topple an Ultra Rare, so on and so forth. It really does pay off to follow the process correctly, and have some patience.


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