How King of The Ring works in WWE SuperCard

King of the Ring is a 48-hour tournament mode. Unlike Exhibition where you have direct control of your cards, in King of the Ring the matches are simulated.

King of The Ring Basics

  • Each King of the Ring Tournament consists of 45 qualification matches and then up to 3 tournament games, which are each best of 3. Matches occur every hour.
  • You construct a deck that consists of 8 Superstars, 2 Divas, and 4 Support cards, with half of them being active at a time. Active superstars lose stamina each game, inactive ones gain stamina back.
  • After each match, you can manage your superstars for the next game, allowing you to check in on your cards each round. You do not actively play every match like Exhibition mode, but you will see that your cards now use Stamina, which is exclusive to this mode.

Important: King Of The Ring has been updated in Season 2 of WWE SuperCard. Check out what changed.

Stamina & Energy Cards

  • Every King of the Ring game will drain stamina from your Superstars and Divas. In order to recover stamina, you must either swap the card out with one of your inactive cards, or use an energy card which you can gain randomly using picks. Energy cards will replenish the entire stamina bar of the chosen Superstar or Diva.

Boost Cards (Season 1 Only)

  • Additionally, you can use one of several boost cards. Boost cards are also earned randomly using picks, and will give you 15% boosts for a specific stat going into your next match. You can also spend in-game currency to refuel stamina or automatically manage the stamina of the lowest-stamina card for 8 games.


  • King of the Ring tournaments are also impacted by the rank of your deck, which again determines the rewards you will receive for playing. The quality of the rewards depends on the decks rank when you start the game, and rank can be influenced during the tournament by training, but cards cannot be changed, replaced, or combined to pro status when in King of the Ring.

Tips & Tricks

Preparing for the tournament, and then competing, can prove to be both an endurance run, and a fairly astute game of strategy. Here’s some tips on how to maximize your chances of success in King of The Ring Mode.


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