“How To Play” WWE SuperCard Detailed Guide – Exhibition & Ranks

What follows is a detailed “How To Play” Guide for WWE SuperCard, introducing players to all the basic gameplay mechanics of the game.

What is WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard is a free-to-play mobile collectible card game (CCG) featuring the Superstars, Divas, and Legends of WWE. The game allows players to compete against other SuperCard players by building decks, upgrading cards, and unlocking more and rarer cards through gameplay. Additionally, there is a micro-transaction element to the game which allows players to purchase rarer or more powerful cards to speed up their progress.

Starting off, the game will give players 1 Rare superstar, 1 Uncommon superstar, 2 Common divas, a handful of Common superstars, and 4 Support cards. [Read: Types of Cards, Rarity Tiers & Stats]

How To Play: Exhibition

  • In Exhibition mode, you construct a deck that consists of 8 cards – 4 Superstars, 2 Divas, and 2 Support Cards, and you face off against another user’s Exhibition Deck. Each exhibition is in a best 2-out-of-3 format with all three “falls” played out regardless of who is leading the match.
  • At the beginning of each round, the game will randomly announce if it is a Solo (males only), Diva, or Tag Team match, and require you to choose one or two cards to compete out of the cards you have available. When a Superstar or Diva card is used in a match, it cannot be used in another match within the same game.
  • Also chosen at random are which of the four statistics that will go towards determining a winner — no more than two stats are chosen for comparison in a given match, but multiple matches could use the same stat to determine a winner (e.g., two matches decided by which wrestler has the most Speed).
  • The match is a game of war, with the higher total winning out as played out by an animated wrestling sequence that usually ends with the winning card hitting a wrestling move on the losing card.
  • The winner of each “fall” receives one point towards the exhibition total, the loser receives no points. In the event of a tie, one point is awarded to each competitor’s exhibition total.
  • After three matches, if the exhibition totals are tied, an extra match is called for under the same rules as the matches before.

Support & Special Abilities / Signature Moves

  • To gain an extra advantage, the game also includes Support Cards. Support Cards consist in managers, weapons, objects, taunts, or other WWE-related items, and can affect you or your opponent’s stats during the match type they are used in. They can be used to compensate for lower stats depending on the Superstar or Diva used in the match at hand. While you have two Support options in your deck, you can only use a Support card once per game, so choosing the right one for the right moment is the key to getting it to be effective.
  • Occasionally, a card can also provide an additional bonus boost depending on the quality of the card. These “Signature Moves” / “Special Abilities” will randomly trigger (with chances increasing based on the Rarity of the card), giving your Superstar or Diva a sizable boost to the stats mentioned on their signature move section of the card during their match.

How To Play Tag Team Matches: Alignment

  • Tag Team matches also depend on an additional element called Alignment. Every Superstar card has a diamond shape just below the card’s name on the left hand side. This diamond will show half of the shape colored in either blue (left and right) or yellow (up and down).
  • By choosing two Superstar cards that align – in other words, that can create a full same-color diamond shape – you will gain a 10% boost to all stats for your team during that match. However, if the Alignment isn’t matching (different colors) then you will be incompatible and face a 5% stat penalty. There is also a Neutral point where, if you use two Superstars whose Alignments are the same color but also the same direction, you gain no benefit but also no penalty, so it can be a safe choice if you have no other option.

Card Picks, Rewards & Rank

  • After an exhibition, the winner can choose two cards (or three for a “perfect”, clean 3-0 win) from a display of 25 cards, while the loser only gets to pick one. Possible cards include Boosts for King of the Ring mode, Support cards and all types of wrestler cards. In every subsequent exhibition, the player can continue to whittle away at the cards on this “Pick” screen until either a Boost or Rare (or better) card is discovered, at which point the “Pick” board is reset.
  • The type of rewards you can get are all determined by your Rank. As your deck increases in power, whether through new and better cards, training existing cards, or combining your cards into Pro Superstars/Divas, you will start to increase in Rank. You begin at Rare level, but as you increase in rank, you have the chance to unlock more powerful cards from your picks, but you also face off against more challenging opponents.

How To Play Other Game Modes

If you want to know how to play King Of The Ring and the other WWE SuperCard Game Modes, follow the links to read tips and tricks for the King of The Ring Mode and details on all the Recurring  Events.


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